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welcome to Walkabout Durham! I am Peter, your guide, and I have developed four guided walking tours to help you discover this beautiful 1000 year old city. Whilst strolling along cobbled streets and riverside footpaths, you will view some of the world's best architecture and encounter gripping tales of the kings, Prince Bishops and local people who have made Durham one of England's most fascinating and historically significant, cities. The brand new Pub and History Tour combines the historic highlights with stops at some of the most iconic pubs in the city. Alternatively, our History Tour, Full City Tour and Dark Durham Tour take in spectacular views of Durham Cathedral and castle, which are designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Our detailed tours are a perfect way for tourists, day-trippers, students and locals to learn more about our wonderful city. An ideal way to start your break in Durham. Book directly through the website for the best price. 

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History Tour

1 hour 30 minutes          £13

Take a walk through time as we explore the stunning and dramatic peninsula of Durham city. From some of the most spectacular vantage points around, we will discover tales of the miraculous St. Cuthbert and his journey here 300 years after his death! Plus we encounter legendary kings and ferocious rivalries that have shaped Durham since the Anglo-Saxon times. From wealthy and eccentric Prince Bishops, to humble locals, we uncover how people have helped to craft Durham into the city it is today.

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                    2.5 Hours            £18             

All of the features of the history tour plus more! Here we explore the wider city and uncover some hidden gems. Learn about the ‘King in the North’ - the legendary St. Oswald - who returned from exile to reclaim his father's Northumbrian lands and establish a legacy that paved the way for Cuthbert and the Durham story. We also take a look at the dark side of Durham as we explore the prisons, executions and hauntings that add to the mystery and intrigue of the city. Finally, a tour of Durham would not be complete without delving into its rich coal mining heritage and the local people who are at the heart of the Durham story.

Full City Tour


Dark Durham Tour

                 1.5 Hours              £13

Delve into the darker side of Durham's past as we discover the gruesome, shocking and tragic tales of our city's rich history. 

From the medieval prisons, castle and cathedral to the city's historic pubs, we explore the hauntings, crimes , deadly battles and  saintly miracles that add mystery  and character to our beautiful little city. 

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Dark Durham

2.5 Hours           £28

Combine two of the best things about Durham in one tour- its history and its pubs! See the stunning architecture in the heart of the historic city centre and discover the tales of conquest, miracles and tragedy that makes Durham truly unique. Add to this four stops in atmospheric and historic pubs to enjoy some real cask ale and you have the perfect walking tour.

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Pub and History Tour

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"The city of Durham itself is an intensely beautiful and historic place. There is so much history there, but what makes it special is that it appreciates having that history - it looks after it and does positive things with it" - Bill Bryson

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